im trying to mak2 computer from some spare parts but i encounter one problem on each one.
the first one is that doesnt recognize d hd but recognize the cdroms and everything else except any hd that is mouted to it, the hd isnt damaged because i bot it on this pc with fedora i try changing cables mother anything on the cpu but nothing doesnt work so any help help????
the second one is that the mobo send a signal to the monitor but i can see anything on it just the monitor know that is something but doesnt show nothing so any help here???
any help will be very helpfull

Lots of things could give you these type of problems. BIOS set up, component incompatibility with the mother board, HD not configured properly (slave, master), incompatible controller card, driver problems, corrupt files, bad components and more...

You'll just have to start eliminating them one by one. If I read your abbreviations (we discourage them here) correctly, you are trying to make two computers out of spare parts. Were I you, I'd concentrate on just one, get it up and running, and then use it to verify components you may suspect bad in #2.

Also, if your computer does boot to the OS, don't forget to look at the device manager under "system" in the control panel. It will flag bad components or bad drivers. If you open the sub menus down to that component, it should tell you in detail what's wrong and help you fix it.

It could be that the HD is incompatible because I got my computer running and using it to test at least the HD's, I allready installed Fedora Core 4 on the HD on my desktop, but when I connect the HD back on the "new" one it doesn't recognize it, so I will try something else but any new sugestion will very helpfull