Alright my computer has been shutting down lately while playing World of Warcraft. I just bought a new video card ATI 9550 256mb card, a new 512 ram stick, and a new 480watt powersupply for it. I was told it was the power supply, but it still shuts off. Any idea on what it could be? And before I put all this stuff in it I reformated it. Help me figure it out please it's annoying...really annoying.

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Any error messages? If so, post them word for word.

Does your computer boot up to the OS and if so, how long does it run before shutting down?

Does it shut down while you are in other applications (IE Explorer, your e-mail program, etc.) or just when you are playing games?

If you boot up and do not play games, does your computer operate normally?

What OS are you using? (XP, 2000, Me, etc.)
What processor (P4 - 3 GHz, etc.) and how much total RAM do you have installed?

Have you checked the fan on the processor chip?

Nope no error messages. I turned the automatic restarts off, but it still doesn't come up saying anything before it restarts. Sometimes it boots back up to the OS, but others it just goes off. Although when it goes off and stays off the tower light stays on and the fans stay on, but everything else seems to shut off. It only shuts off playing games so far. It's been on hours, even over a day, at a time wihtout it restarting except while it's playing the game. Which at times can last a few hours or even 5 minutes. One time it shut off in under a minute of playing. The fan on the processor is working, and I recently cleaned it out when all this started so it wasn't dusty or anything. The operating system is XP and the processor is an AMD Athalon XP 1800+, 1.52 Ghz, and 768 MB of RAM.

Well, I'm not a gamer, so I'm not familiar with WoW. But a quick look on the www. discloses that there is a new version available. Below I have posted the description of it. Also, there is a forum on line which deals with bugs and troubles which may be of assistance. That is located at:

It definitely sounds like the game is at fault. To access a lot of the info, you have to be registered. I'll leave that up to you. I afraid that this about all I can suggest at this time. I'll follow the thread in case someone has other suggestions which may trigger other thoughts. Good Luck!

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I looked and they do have stuff about a crash that requires you to restart your own system. It says that it could be a video card problem, which I hope not too late to return it now, or that it could be a RAM problem. It says I should check the BIOS and make sure the RAM is installed currectly with the correct settings, but I'm not sure how to do that.

During your initial boot-up, most computers tell you which key to hit to access the "setup" which is the BIOS setup. Look either at your screen (closely) and read the fine print during bootup, or if that doesn't reveal which key, consult your user guide. (You might have to boot up more than once to catch the instructions for accessing setup, depending on how long that screen is displayed.)

Below is a link to instructions which may be of help on setting up your BIOS. The memory is covered in PROCEDURES, STEP 4 and is referred to as DRAM.

Your failures could also be related to how your computer is set up. You might want to take a look at the link below and run through the setup instructions to optimize your computer.

A other thought, make sure you are NOT running any other programs when you are gaming. If it still crashes then you know for sure it's the gaming "stress" on your PC, or a problem with the gaming software. Look in the bottom right corner of your screen. You will see numerous icons. Right click on them, one at a time and left click on EXIT. DO NOT close your anti-virus or firewall (if you have them). Close all other applications before starting your game.

Also, I'd try the performance optimization first and not go into the BIOS until you're sure you have to.

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