I have a Seagate external hdd that was working awesomely. About a week ago, I dropped it. I rushed into my office to see if it was still working (I didn't expect it to). It worked fine up until yesterday. I used it to logon to my website at work (I have a password manager), then it just disappeared from my "My Computer" list. It's not in the device manager, I've run the "seatools" from the Seagate site . . . I'm at a loss. I'm sure it's because I dropped it, but why did it take so long to quit? Is it something I can fix? It's making a buzzing noise, like it's trying to run the drive, but not able to. My brother thinks it's a *worm* (?) screw/spring that is loose or not attached. Can anybody help??

About a week ago, I dropped it.

From a non-technical point of view, I think that sums it up. You need to get it repaired, I feel. Computers do the most weird things - it's not always "Garbage in/garbage out". I had a Maxtor hard disk that was "Failing", according to their checking software, for ages, but I didn't know till I did a spot check and thankfully discovered it before it crashed completely and lost my data.

If you can afford it, I would think about buying a replacement one anyway, if only as viable disk while it's being repaired. At least you'll have a spare, and you could keep it as such.

We work our computers harder & harder, and they get hotter & hotter. I've had my share of HDD troubles lately, possibly through overheating, and an extra one to fall back on is no luxury.

Just a thought... ;)


Once you dropped it, you sent the drive on a death spiral. It just took a few days to have the drive destroy itself.

Seagate drives have awesome 5 year warrenties and will replace almost any damaged drive (as long as you don't do something to void the warrenty -- like open the casing on the drive). You can learn about Seagate's drive warrenty support here.