I have a Sony Vaio laptop computer. the model # is pcg-grx560. i got it about 3 years ago. it is a windows xp.
ok here's my problem. when i try to play 'the sims 2' or any dvd in the laptop, the screen flickers. this just started happening about a month ago, but it wasn't as bad. when i first put in a dvd the screen was showing a whole bunch of red and green dots and little squares all over. then sometimes when i play sims 2 little white dots would flicker on the screen. also when i scroll down internet explorer sometimes, the screen flickers.(like a whole bunch of horizontal lines flashing) just today, i tried to play sims2 and the whole screen was flickering so bad i couldn't even see, it was all garbled too. like when it happened before it was only a tiny bit and only lasted a couple seconds. but today i put the cd in and the whole screen was just totally garbled. even after i took the cd out and when back to the start menu the whole screen was garbled. this lasts until i turn off the computer. this is the worst its been and i have no idea what is the matter. i don't know if the display settings are wrong or if i just need to uninstall something or what. if anyone has any ideas PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
i don't think its the programs or the dvd's because they worked absolutely fine a month and a half ago. this just started.
the only thing i installed was an anti-virus program called eztrust antivirus. i don't think this is the problem though because its on my other puter and it works fine.
any help would be appreciated.

sounds like the graphics in your game could be too much for your graphics chip. this also happens to me on my desktop. your graphics chip is over working itself trying to give you the right image hence the white dots etc. the game also eats up a good deal of memory and whatnot and the computer will be slow as a result. the sims games are very powerful items.. i have sims 4 if that helps.

Did you ever happen to get this issue resolved? I have a Sony Vaio FE series that is just under a year old, I've had issues with it's hibernation functions occasionally and most recently the screen has begun to flicker occasionally as well as the screen gets garbled with lines of green and pink dots. So it sounds like it's nearly identical to what you encountered back when you posted this. I was just wondering if you had tried contacting SONY and if they were any help with it, as I am worried it might be a hardware issue.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


this fault sounds like your graphics chip (especially as you mention the pink dots etc) i would suggest checking to see if you have the most recent directX controller, predominantly directX9 installed correctly as this can cause no end of grief if it isnt.

also if you've had trouble with the hibernation functions you may want to check th ACPI configuration