My vid card is a GeForce 6600, and is currently extremely glitchy. I've tried installing the drivers that came with it, omega drivers, and the newest version yet no matter what I get crap like huge polygons in the middle of a battle field or the effect of a kaleidescope when I fire a gun. Any tips or suggestions?

- Is this only in a certain game or is it in all games?
- Have you tried changing detail settings, changing the rendering engine from OpenGL to DirectX or vice-versa, or modifying other graphical options?
- Have you tried going to the nVidia site, downloading the latest drivers, and installing them?
- Have you gone to your graphics card manufacturer's website in order to check to see if there are known issues such as the ones that you are experiencing?

- Has your card ever worked properly? If so, what did you change just before it started messing up?
- Are the other components in your system capable of running the game smoothly?