Senerio: Went to turn on the computer and it just didn't power up at all. A storm had went through and the electricity was lost but the computer wasn't on at the time. The computer is connected to a surge protector. But the computer will not power up. So, replaced the Power Supply. Now when I press the power button the power light and fans come on for about 1-2 seconds and then it dies. If I press the power button again, nothing. I must flip the switch on the back of the ps, wait a few seconds and then turn the switch back to on, hit the power button and I get the same 1-2 second power flow. Need some advise...... HELP!!! :-|

When you say the computer "wasn't on" do you mean that Windows had been shut down? When that happens, there is still power to the motherboard. The machine has to be turned off either at the isolation switch on the power supply unit, if one is present, or at the wall outlet if not. That's the only way it will truly be 'off'.

Also, was a good power conditioning device being used or simply a 'surge protected' power board. Those power boards are next to useless in the event of a decent power surge.

Proper practice when electrical outages are likely is to shut down equipment at the wall outlet to eliminate chance of damage. If you suspect some may have occurred, the best idea is to get a technician/repair shop to check and test it for you.

Try pushing that power button and hold it down for a good 30 seconds.

I've got the exact same problem with my higrade notino r5400 any help will be greatful