Hi this is my first post here so HI all,I got a BIG problem,when i try to play a game like AC2 or COD 7....kind of games with big system requirements my pc freezes and when i restart the pc....it stucks at starting windows.....today i tried to install AC2 and when it was almost finished after 2 hours.....my pc freezed and now i cant event go to desktop it is stucked at starting windows.....i use a Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT 2GB ram 256 with windows 7 today reinstaled

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Pls some1 help me

It has to do with your hardware problem, go and change your hardware but DO NOT reformat your computer as you will lost all data. Did you restart your pc and turn it on again, tell me your progress and when you played other games did it hang

I encountered this problem also but this occur on a macbook.

1) What are doing when it freezes?
2) What application/s do you have open?
3 ) How old your Mac?
4) What version are you running?
5 ) How much RAM does it have?
6 )How big is the harddrive, and how much space is left?

This are some questions that some people used to identified my problem, i hope it will works for you too.

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It was blocked i couldn't press ctrl+alt+del or alt+tab i couldn't do anything...it was blocked...in that moment i had the instalation of Assassins creed 2....my pc is 3 years old....it have 2 gb RAM.....300 GB hdd....and all of it is empty....now i cant even go to desktop....it is stuck at starting windows

Try starting windows in safe mode, to do that press F8 when after the computer show the BIOs it will show the advanced options for starting windows then go to either safe mode, or last known good configuration that worked.
Let me know how it's going.

i will try

but i want to play games or something else on my normal pc not on safe mdoe :(

Do you have other computer to use, if yes. Send the computer wo is having problem now for repair. Do not let the problem persists for long. Reinstall the driver. Hope this helps, i will continue and monitor your situation.

The reason you run your computer in safe mode is to correct whatever you did wrong, then after which you can run back in normal mode, but i agree with what jingda is saying if you really need it, take it to repair, but I think the safe mode and a little trouble shooting should correct the problem.
Let me know how things are and remember to mark this post as solved whenever you get the desired results you want, keep posting.

Safe mode, as e-papa has said is only for temporary. After that your computer will restore to normal. If it can't work send it for repair.

i have a laptop that i use now....and i have this problem from december last year...and when i went to repair,,the man that repairs pc's put something on the processor cooler and that all...but if i will go to him again...he will make this story again and again....and....i dont have where to get it....it's a small city

now it work...i will try to get back and to install AC2 to see if the problem is still here....and i will post something if it work properly

when i wanted to intall AC2 i saw that i have it already and i wanted to unistall it...when i tried....in 10 seconds my pc freezed

Man, maybe you should use your laptop for a while first. if it works for maybe a few days or so, go and install assassin creed 2, if you had already then just go and play. Play for 2 days and see whether it works, if it works all is good and you can use your laptop for gaming and other stuff normally.

hmm what you said is not bad BUT i use this laptop from december....since my pc freezed.....I CANT play it i cant even unistall it...if i play it...FREEZED but i will try again today after school....and i cant play games on my laptop...i play some kind of games with big system requirements....Call of Duty Assassins Creed...the saboteur...EVEN Call of duty 5 freezed
my laptop is a hp pavilion dv6 ati radeon 4500 hd 4GB ram.....if i play AC2 on it i will cook eggs on the cooler

can u tell me what is the brand and watt of your power supply?

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