i have pc analyzer when i plug into pci slot it shows E8, E9 code what it mean

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you should have got a manual with the analyzer ,the e8 e9 and all other codes have different meaning with different bios brands so you first need to know what bios is in your computer ,that said pc analyzers suck big time and are a waste of money trust me i bought 2 different one many years back

you can get manual here ,first find out what bios your computer has ,it will show on the first boot screen when you turn on the computer .

Error Code – 08
ACER (08)Shutdown 0.
AMI (08)CMOS shutdown register test done. CMOS checksum calculation to be done
next. BAT command to keyboard controller is issued. Going to verify the BAT
command. Going to verify the BAT command. CH-2 of timer initiali- zation over.
CH-2 delta count test OK
Award (08)Setup low memory; Early chip set initialization; Memory presence test; OEM
chip set routines; Clear low 64K of memor y; Test first 64K memory; clear lower
256K of memory, enable parity checking and test parity in lower 256K; test lower
256K memory. Set up stack, beep. Setup interrupt vector table in lower 1K RAM
area; Initialize first 120 interrupt vectors with SPURIOUS_INT_HDLR and
initialize INT 00h-1Fh according to INT_TB L. Initialize CMOS timer.
Chips & Tech (08)Interrupt Controller bad.
Phoenix&Dell (08)Initialize chipset registers with POST values. [Beep]= 1 -3-1 RAM refresh
verification in-progress or failure.
Error Code – 09
AMI (09)CMOS checksum calculation is done, CMOS diag byte written. CMOS initiali ze
to begin. Keyboard controller BAT result verified. Ke yboard command byte to be
written next.(09)Keyboard command byte to be written next. CH -1 of timer
initialization over. CH-1 delta count test OK.
AST (09)Verify BIOS ROM checksum, fl ush external cache.
Award (09)Program the configuration register of Cyrix CPU. OEM specific cache
initialization., Early Cache initialization; Cyrix CPU initialization; cache
initialization. Test CMOS RAM checksum; beep; also test extended storage of para -
meters in the motherboard chipset;if not warm- booting;displa y the Test CMOS
RAM checksum message, if bad, or insert key pressed, load defaults if bad. Check
BIOS Checksum.

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