Hey. Well, my computer seems to have power, because two fans are turning inside of it, but since i had the computer ive had troubles with the power, at least i think.

Everynow and then it used to just turn off and shut down, requiring me to actually remove the power cable for a couple of seconds if i wanted to turn the computer back on, otherwise nothing would happen.

When the computer actually gave up, it switched off, which by this point was a normality, but i noticed a burning smell and actually smoke coming from the computer, so of course i immediately shut it down but it refused to come back on like every other time that this happened.

Now when I press the button on the front of the computer i can see the lights on the front panel are constantly on, the two little LED's, but I have noticed the light on the motherboard isn't actually on. When this computer is booted up, I can re-smell the burning from when it died, and from what i THINK is the psu, which i have ordered a replacement but wouldnt help to do a quick troubleshoot and see if people here would know anything, so i guess my question is.. Would the motherboard light be off if it was only the psu that was burned out?

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By the description I would blame the Power Supply as well.

It is better to do a little Test to see if your machine is DOA.

Strip your motherboard down. Get it down to Processor and Motherboard with PSU.

No Ram, VGA, PS/2, USB, PCI, etc.

Boot you want to hear 5 or 6 Consecutive beeps. This will tell you your motherboard is functioning.

Shutdown and put your RAM then boot in you want to hear a single beep. This means POST OK.

Shutdown add your VGA and Boot you want to hear that single beep again, repeat the process with all your peripherals, when it doesn't boot you found your culprit.

I would blame either a Bad Power Socket or a High powered USB being pulled out and in without the correct process. There are other reasons as well.

What Power Supply do you have?


Thats the psu, when i bought the computer I didn't even think to check the power supply but it seems i got bummed out. I did order a new psu last tuesday but the mail is screwing around or something because its almost been two weeks and two of the item have actually been dispatched.

If it is the psu thats dodgy, will it even work on barebone? Because if i wire the computer back together, and turn it off, i can actually distinctly smell the psu burning.

I wouldn't use that power supply.

Please give me your system specs only then can I say if that power supply will do.

nah, as i said i didnt even check for it until it died so i was none the wiser, and the listing that i bought it from didnt even mention the psu, i should've checked regardless tho, and im not entirely sure on the system specs, from what i can remember its an intel dual core, 4gb of ram, Radeon Hd 4650 1gb gfx, 500gb hdd, and thats all i can pull from memory, this computer died months ago

yeah You may have killed your Graphics Card with that PSU.

Once you get your PSU, don't be surprised with the smell.

You need a good powersupply with at least Real 500 Watts.

Look at ACBell, ThermalTake, or any of these.

Once you have made the choice and are unsure link the particular PSU, I will help you out with the selection.

Power Supply is very important Part of the computer unfortunately like me you learned the hard way.

is the psu that should be on its way to me in the mail, but its been over two weeks with a second one dispatched so i think soon enough ill just request a refund for not recieving the item, but from that link you posted,

Something like that?

and i hope my graphics card wasnt blown, can barely afford this cpu replacement ^^

Well with unknown brands its a hit and miss game. But from what I see the one you ordered looks good.

I can't tell you for sure if that Power supply will do as I have no prior experience. If I was getting this one personally I may try it and then mark it as ok or shit, but as it is for you, I can't recommend it, it will have to be a personal choice for you.

And as for the newegg link, you don't need me to say anything look at the reviews.

Okay man, thanks much for the help, ill replace the psu and if it still no longer works, ill be a sad panda ^^

Hopefully everything works out of the box. Good luck on that.

In any event if the Machine doesn't boot try to do the barebone suggestion before returning it.

Please mark as solved if solved.

regards :)

Im baack ^^ With another issue hah :p

the psu that i said was on its way arrived this morning. everything works a-ok.. except my network adapter. it just isnt working. Its not even on the device manager list with an error exclamation mark either. Im just wondering but is there any chance that the previous psu dieing caused this? If so, could I simply just buy a network interface card and that should work out the box or something?

Sorry for all the questions, im a complete hardware noob ^^

Well, you are lucky with just the Ethernet dead on you.

If your PCI Slots are still operational that should fix it.

I don't see a reason for them to die, but surly it should fix your problem.

once Again Congratulations with the minimal casualties.


Please mark as solved if solved.

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