Hey guys, i really need some help with a really frustrating problem im having,
my pc has been sat in the corner of my spare room for about 2 years, then last week, i thought id rebuild it,
so i went out and bought a new motherboard, processor, ram , graphics card and dvd/rw, so i went ahead and dissasembled it, cleaned out the case, and installed all the new components (only old ones are the FDD and HDD and a CD/RW(with some quite important stuff on it))
so it boots up, does the POST, then takes me straight to the Safe mode selection screen (running windows xp), and it will not load past this point, no matter what i choose;
If i choose safe mode, along with networking and command prompt, it hangs at bthidmgr.sys, then i get a flash of a BSOD (too quick to read what it says) and it restarts, then the loop continues, and if i select Last known good config, or start windows normally, then i just get the BSOD then restarts again,
and it just refuses to boot from my xp cd to run a recovery console or even a clean install(will boot an ubuntu linux live disc though(although will not load the GUI, just leaving me with a linux shell(and i no nothing about linux)) i really dont want to just give up and get a new hdd has anyone got any suggestions?

here are system specifications.
Motherboard: ECS Elitegroup GS7610 ULTRA w/ Amd athlon 64 3200+ DDR 400 FSB 800mhz
RAM 512mb DDR 433/400
HDD Maxtor 40gb IDE

let me know if theres anything else you need to know =]

you will/should have to reinstall windows on the old hdd ,because of difference in motherboard and video card ,ect ect

Reinstalling windows should fix that problem but you would lose your data.

You can get you data by:

1. Booting up from a Linux live CD and transfer the files to a external drive.
2. Use a Linux live CD to shrink the windows partition and create a new partition, install windows on the new partition and transfer the files over, or
3. Remove the hard drive and connect it to another pc either internally or use an external box and transfer the files that way, then reinstall windows.

This site here provides software/images for creating floppy boot discs, which would allow you to get into recovery console / boot into cd and repair your windows installation, this may help
hope it helps
(though this is assuming you have another pc to download this onto and write the floppys)