I had my hp presario ze4300 lockup yesterday & I wasn't able to turn it off, so I pushed the rest button underneath. The computer will now not power up at all, with or without the power cord plugged in. Some points of interest. 1. Battery wasn't holding much of a charge anyway 2. Laptop fell off bed about a week ago, but was running normally. 3. Laptop was running normally until it locked up, but power still on and screen still ok
4. Installed latest microsoft updates the same day it crashed ( I think there was a problem with the updates anyway and they weren't installed ) 5. I have tried holding down the on/off power button for 30 seconds, but still no power up.
When plugged in to the power cord, the charge light is on yellow, which was normal. I left it on & it went green, which was normal.
When I plug the power in, there is absolutly nothing, no fan noises, hard drive noises etc, only the yellow charge light.
Any suggestions? Has anyone else had the same problem?
Any help appreciated
Kind Regards

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Unplug the laptop and take the battery out. Let the laptop sit like this for a few minutes. Put just the battery back in and see if it starts up. If it does not, take the battery back out and let it sit for a few minutes, then plug just the power cord into the laptop and try starting it again. Let me know if this allows the laptop to start up.

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