Here we go,These BSOD error happen only when playing games, like Land Warrior, Sims, RCT3 are the main ones played here.But I doesnt happen with GTA Liberty and several others.

Some of my stop errors have device drivers listed, others have out of memory,or driver not equal to whql, and some have nothing but string, OK heres 3 of my stop error messages:

1. Stop:0x0000008e,
(0x80000003, 0xBFA5690B, 0XF5D48B04, 0X00000000)
nv4_disp.dll address BFA5690B BASE @ %P,

2. Stop: 0x0000008e,
(0xc0000005,0xc0245244, 0xe516bbdc, 0x00000000)
This 1 was with out of memory message I think, didnt catch it

3. bfc935c4 Base bf5d4000 Date Stamp 437518bb
This 1 didnt list anything but what you see hear and the normal windows.......

What I've done so far:

_Uninstalled nVidia(install disk) drivers with all uneccesary services off, up to and including Anti Virus).
_Installe nVidia drivers(NO WHQL) with forcewarev81.95 (WHQL cert.)from nVidia
_Updated Award Bios from original v2.2 to 2.2h from ECS
_Updated Intel Chipset with v2.11.15.0 from Intel thru ECS
_Updated Realtek Ethernet with rtlsetup-rtlnic(621)(0920) from Windows Update
_Updated Realtek AC97 Sound with AUD_ALLOS_5.10.0.5870_PV from Windows Update
_Updated WinXP with all compatible Hotfixes,Patches an Updates, I could Find
_Run Windows memory tester, memtest+, both just to make sure
__Run chkdsk, sfc., ACT, and several other 3rd party diag. tools

During all this troubleshooting I discovered more problems or potential ones

1.When booting to safe mode, restarts after driver load screen disappears. Reinstalling BIOS should fix that but which 1? old or new?
2. After I set the recommended settings in Windows and updated all system drivers from device manager, I went to System Info and found that my graphics card and 2 of the USB(have 4 USB and 1 USB2 listed in Device Manager) controllers share the same IRQ 16. Now in my investigating for a fix to my BSOD problem, I read many articles about USB and Net and graphic cards conflicting with same IRQ's. I was also using a USB mouse and USB all-in-one printer. Cause of memory error?
3.Last thing I found was when I was in Sys Info, I looked to make sure XP was seeing graphics card @ 128MB not 64MB and I found that XP has my card listed as a PCI device not AGP
Listed as:
PNP DEVICE ID value PCI\VEN_10DE........

Off I went to BIOS and find that my BIOS has setting for Init 1st display but for PCI and VGA only no AGP. Gotta let XP know its AGP for it to work right.

Ok i'm tired of typing and I figure if you guys or girls have any questions you'll ask. HELP!!! LOL Thanks

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I think you are looking in the wrong places. The errors that you listed are related to issues with RAM. It would be my first guess that one of your RAM modules is defective/going bad.

Memtest86 is a great program to test your RAM. Download the ISO and burn it to a disk using Nero or some other program that is capable of burning ISO images. Put the disk in your bootable drive and reboot your system. If your system is set to boot from CD properly, the program will load and start testing your RAM. I recommend letting it run for a long period, such as overnight. Look for memory faults or errors. If any errors occur, you will want to replace your RAM. If you have more than one memory module, take one out, test the system with it, and then test with the other RAM module. If no errors occur, we will have to investigate different options. Either way, give us an update.


all test for Ram problems came up negative, still getting blue screen with my display driver as culprit, I disabled the USB in my BIOS just to see if there was a conflict, but still got BSOD, I have all updated drivers and BIOS. Now I'm just stuck and don't have a clue what to do next


have you tried Removing the Nvidia software that you have installed in the machine....that is Unistall it & reboot the Pc.

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