Hi, this is an emergency. my cousin had an old computer. his harddrive storages is only 8000mb. he had windows98 when he first got it. now he wants to install windows xp on that pc. but it got lots errors. finally i got to the point where its installin. but not even half way. its says cant be installed. i though its becuz hardrives 2 small. o i hurrily went to best buy and got an external hardrive andinstall. but it keeps errors and not workin. some say i86 error7. or curropted. wut can i do to install xp?

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Hi kaiking328.
Plz talk to me what kind of hardware in that old comp. 1st u need to open the case, unplug all and clean them. Then install again :)


Whoooohaaaa, before we start recommending new discs and complete cleanouts, let's find out what exactly is happening! As McReagant suggested, an outline of what makes up the rest of your system would be a good start. What errors pop up during the Windows XP setup? Is the CD known to work on other systems?


I quote kaiking328:

but it keeps errors and not workin. some say i86 error7. or curropted.

i86 is a typo for i386, which refers to the install source. Thats why I thought the install source may be corrupt. It's not a definitive answer, but it is the most probable

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