recently i built a cheap web hosting company

i have a huge server as i have many clients due to my $6.95 domain offer

i need more hdd's and alogether the servers will accept around 50.000 more gigs (all of them will)

what are the best hdd's to use

amd_sucks or someone help me figure out what the hell is going on.

look at the source of the link provided by amd_sucks

Who owns duoservers? Does the person who owns own duoservers too?

if you go here: it should look like the page amd_sucks linked to above...however,

if you go here:

it's different, very different. in fact look at the bottom links...they are very weird..especially the last one.

But if you click back on it will probably direct you to the website with weird links at the bottom.

Now click back on

And again


And if you try to open in get a page that just says "Wrong page"

what does this all mean? amd_sucks? I'm just curious.


its pretty confusing eh---i own duoservers and the servers need sorting out :)

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