Howdy to all that read this topic!

I have since several months problems with my monitor

I use my tv as monitor for my pc.
So actually my tv is my pc

But some times my screen :"rolls" or "jump" i dont know how to named is exactly
He does it all the time and in every progam ( including wen i am racing, and that p*sses my off)

I've been searching the net for months for a solution but can not find it.

Here is a link to a movie i made about the issue
Look at timestamp 10 and around 31 please , then you maybe know what i mean................

I know it take several minutes to download it,
but i would appreciate it very much if some "technical"dudes could take a look at it......
And maybe they have the answer where i am looking for, for a long time now

PS: i will not buy a new tv
PPS: during while i wright this article it "jumped" maybe 20+ times

problem setting my resolution to native

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