hello to you all. I have a Dell desktop computer(pentium3). It usually gives beeping sounds anytime I put it on. I have tried several RAMs on it but the sound couldn't stop. Moreso, there's no display on the connected monitor.
Anyone with help should kindly reply as soon as possible with the necessary informations on how to get over this problem. Than you all for your previous assistances.

i'd look up the beep codes online for your model of computer. the pattern of beeps tells you what the problem is.

additionally, the display *should* work to some extent. is the monitor connected through VGA or DVI (or HDMI for that matter) ?

what model of computer is this?

Install Dell compatible RAM, then retest and repost. Dell, IBM, and Compaq are RAM-headache machines.

Hello samgodcreation, if I were you I would have looked at the pattern of beeps that I am getting and I would have searched on Google what does it represent. The pattern of beeps means are you getting continuous beeps, or 1 long and 2 short beeps and so on. You can also share the same over here, and we would help you what the problem is all about.

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