I built this PC 8 months ago never a problem, i moved to a new (and better) house, after the move i am trying to setup my home network again and i cant get my new PC to stay on. about 20-30 seconds after POST it will turn off by itself, no warning, no beeps. it doesnt matter what im doing at the time either (in Win7, or CMOS setup)it shuts off. before the move everything was fine. Before you ask, NO it did not get dropped or anything like that, i can sign into windows 7 and a few seconds later it will shut off. I bought all top of the line gear for this system cause i was tired of building a PC that was out of date, before i closed the case. PLZ HELP!!! I have done everything i can think of to fix it, checked every wire, and so forth, I have an AS Degree in Computer Science, but have been outta the market (health problems) for several years now so i am a little rusty with todays tech. PLZ HELP!!!

Are You Sure?You check Each and Every Cable of The Computer May be If Any One From that is Loss that Why You face this Problem Or The Second Option May be You System Will Effected With the Virus.Due to Some Kind of Virus Your System Will Restart or Shut Down after Every Couple of Minute.You have to Scan it For the Virus and Also once Check all the Cable of the Computer and Change the Data cable of the Hard Disk May be after Change of Data cable of Hard Disk Your Computer work Properly.

For start did you open box and checked that cpu cooler is attached properly (sometimes these things get loose when moving between floors or houses)


Thinking about overheating can you see the temperature inside the case and CPU? does it rise to a high temperature? Can you turn the PC on again as soon as it switches itself off?

- Let us know how it goes

sounds like your CPU is overheating very fast. it is very possible that the seal between the CPU and heat sink has been compromised during your move. check that first of all.

if it starts lasting longer before overheating you might need to completely remove the CPU cooler and re-seat it, making sure to re-apply the thermal paste. you must first clean off the old paste from the heat sink on the CPU and the heat sink on the cooler, then re-apply the paste and be sure to spread it very thin and even across the surface of the CPU heat sink only. I recommend Arctic Silver 5 if you can get some, though there are plenty of decent thermal pastes out there that will do the trick.