i have problem putting a pci vid card into my computer
First I put the video card inside the PCI slot and started the computer, unfortunately the screen loaded with a bunch of red and yellow and many more colours...but when i hooked my monitors plug back into my onboard slot it didnt work, but once i took out my vid card it started working again...
well my question is do i first load windows and disable my onboard video card and then input my video card and run it?
Btw if that still doesnt work can i reenable my onboard like will it reboot again ?

thanks in advance

If you got those colors right off the bat, I'd suspect a bad/incompatible video card, or it was improperly seated. Most motherboards disable the onboard video when you install a PCI/AGP video card, too.

Normally, when you install the new card, you should at least see the BIOS screens, and Windows might look odd at first, being in 640x480 with 16 colors. From there, though, you can add the drivers in, and get running properly.