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I received a nonworking laptop from a friend. She told me it stopped working and gave it to me just in case i got it working, i could keep it. When you hit the power button the power light turns on and it tries to read from the floppy drive. The monitor doesn't come on or respond and I plugged a CRT monitor into it and still received no signal. I called gateway technical support and they told me my laptop was dead and i needed to get it rebuilt. I opened it up and made sure all of the plugs were in and then closed it back up and then tried to get some kind of response from the laptop. It still didn't work. PLEASE HELP ME TO REVIVE THIS PC ASAP.

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I had the same issue with a laptop. Turned out to be the video board. Unfortunately these are built into the laptop on older laptops. Check on E-bay for a new one.


I don't know if it would be built into a 99 machine. Hopefully I can still be able to revive it...

keeping the faith, nikkisboricua

well, i found out that this lady that gave me this laptop said that the little battery (like a watch battery) that keeps the bios and clock running was welded to the motherboard. ugh... any suggestions?

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