I came home last week Friday, (just happened to be Friday the 13th) and my computer was completely dead. I trouble shooted everything, turns out (well I thought so at the time) that I placed a motherboard mount where it shouldn't have been and it scratched it until it shorted out. I orded a new motherboard immeadiatly, and the company sent me the wrong motherboard. I have an ASRock K7VT4A+ and they sent me a K7VT4A PRO. I didn't think much of it and installed it reguardless. To of no avail, the computer is still dead. If it was the CPU, from my past experiences, the motherboard is now dead as well. My question:
Should I send this motherboard back using the three year warranty, or should I keep it until my new CPU arrives, hoping that the motherboard isn't shot? In other words, will the new CPU short out when I put it in the shorted out Motherboard? The safest action to take would be just to wait for both, and use that, but I figured I'd consult a true tech.

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I'd wait on a new CPU. CPUs don't always kill motherboards. At least once you get the new chip in, you could return both at once, if they don't work...

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