When I open my PC it needs much time to open it like 7 to 10 mins. Where is the problem?

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hi,so many things can cause this,a bad hard drive ,not enough ram ,heat ,ect ect
first thing to do is check for viruses ,if none them using "msconfig"[type it into ,start /run ] turn of all program running at start up that don't need to be running at start up

"msconfig"[type it into ,start /run ]

OK, I will try it.


There is no option "run" in windows 7.

to display "run" on start menu:
right click the taskbar, choose properties->
choosing start menu tab, click customize...
scroll down to run command, fill in checkbox(and whatever else options you choose)

or,just type the word "run" in the search box and it will come up,click on the run icon to open it

Yes I found it.

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