There are 3 Intel Original 945 Gcnl Motherboard,Which have problem that doesn't acquire static IP which is use in broadband connection .Its come into LAN we can share data . but cant share internet with Static IP. but we can provide it dynamic IP for wireless or mobile internet.
service center said its problem of ur LAN setting but ISP said its Problem of ur board.
whats actually problem?and what solution?

We need a lot more information than that to work with.

What windows version are you using?
Is your broadband modem set to DHCP or staticIP?
Are your computers set to DHCP or staticIP?
What things have you already tried?
Do you get no internet connection at all or do you get error messages?

Dig into your router settings, and assign a static IP to the machines. Then, retest, and repost.

Static IP addresses are configured at the operating system level, usually when you install the system. The board itself has nothing to do with the IP address the network ports will use. As mentioned, you need to see what address range your router is configured to use for dynamic addresses, and then select one in its subnet that is not in the dhcp pool. Example, on my network, which is to (254 being the router address), addresses thru are reserved for dhcp (dynamic) addresses, so my workstation and other static devices are given addresses under, such as,, etc.

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