Hi, I am having an older AMD Machine with 512 DDR Ram. My os was corrupted. So inorder to setup BIOS boot priority i am unable to open the CMOS.

I don't understand the reason.

Kindly help me in this matter and appreciation to you.:-/


Depending on the BIOS version it is usually either the DEL, F1, F2 or F10 Keys to enter BIOS. Try this, when the system is booting watch the keyboard and the NUM Lock, CAPS Lock and Scroll Lock lights will flash.... as soon as that happens start hitting the DELETE key and see if it kicks into the BIOS, if not do the same thing again and try the other keys.
Another option is some BIOS use F12 as an option to go to a boot selection list.

rch1231 is right try to hit all the keys he mention above..

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