I want buy new computer, please help me to by new computer as $200

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Desktop PC or Laptop? Do you want a second hand one or a brand new one and what are your requirements?

4GB Ram
500GB Storage
i5 Processor

not sure what you'll get for 200.00

I think the correct answer is "a pig in a poke" :)

not sure what you'll get for 200.00

Sure you can. A netbook from ebay or other computer retail stores. OP did not state specifically what he want, so we have to assume;)

wouldn't think one would need much help buying one of those, most if not all big box electronic store sell them for under 200.00

Unless he want us to help him choose the best computer among a few brands or models, which in this case is not:)

3 days gone past ,im sure if they really wanted help they would have come back in 3 days ago,lol

Thread like this are very common. OP usually never return and a few months later someone will go and revive the thread. Oops, looks like we are straying from the topic here.Lol

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