My daughter's PC has completely died. When she called me to look at the problem there was nothing on the monitor and all the lights on the case were on (CD and CDRW drives, floppy, HDD activity light, etc). The mobo power light was on so there was powet going to it. Also, all the fans, including the CPU fan were running. The only way to shutdown was to hold the power button for 5 seconds. The PC would not POST when the power button was pressed. No beeps, etc. I checked the HDD and it was spinning and running. I swapped it out with a good HDD but still nothing. I let the PC run for while and checked the heatsink. It was still cold. I also cleared the CMOS but still the same problem. I also took out the RAM to see if I get any beeps when I started it, but still nothing. I'm suspecting the CPU is gone? I don't have any other spare parts to swap out. Is there any reason to suspect the PS, RAM, or MOBO? Hss anyone experienced anything like this before that could save me some $$ and aggravation? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here's the setup:

AMD 1700+ 1.4 AthlonXP
Crucial RAM
ASUS NForce A7N266-VM AA
Radeon 9100
Antec SX630II case with Antec PS

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Well, after pulling the MOBO and taking off the HSF and examining the CPU, I believe I found the issue. It appears the CPU us fried. I thought that the fan was sounding strange and I think it just wasn't working hard enough to cool this CPU. Take a look at the edge of the pad. The bulging and black is obvious especially around the top. Now my decision is if I should replace the CPU or just buy a new CPU/MOBO. BTW..It was a stock AMD fan. Anyway, here's a photo I took of the CPU. Please let me know if you think I'm correct. Thanks in advance for any information.


Personally I would go for the combo, if the funds are there. You have a 50/50 chance that something on the M/B is bad too, and not too many places will take back a CPU, and this one is old now. A good place to look would be

Ow, that's one abused processor. And for the reference, all my computer components came from NewEgg.

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