Hi all. I would like to get more RAM, but i have no idea what kind i can use. I noticed there are quite a few different kinds, with all different abbreviations and stuff. I have an HP Pavilion 524w if u need to know that. If u need more info, just let me know. Thanks!

Yes, i found that site after i posted my question. It helped a lil bit, as i am still kinda confused with all the different abbreviations and numbers. But thank u for letting me know of that product. I will check it out now.

This may work, the thing I would consider is if the RAM has been certified with you're motherboard. I have built many computers, and have tried different ram, sometimes with luck and sometimes it would crash. This applies to upgrades too, I now try to use matched RAM type, or at least some that is certified. I would look at some Kingston RAM, or at some that is rated compatable

Thanx alot! Those are reasonably priced. I think i'm gonna go with the 256MB one.

You're welcome best of luck too.