I reveiw the previous posts and none could help me figure this out.

AC power light is on when plugged in. After pushing the power button I here the the drive attempt to spin, then nothing else. The power light stays on but to movement could be heard inside the machine. No Video, no fan.

I pulled the battery and the same thing. I connected an external monitor, Nothing.

It seems that it starts that it wants to start then stops. Power goes to the HD. I'm leaning toward CPU problems.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

Update to dead 1150
Removed keyboard and found fan uplugged. Plugged it in. Now I hear the start up also. It runs for about 20 secs and teh fans tunrs off. I put a bootable CD in the drive and the computer attempts to to read to. It seems like it does but after 20 sec it stops and then the fan stops. The machine does not boot to the cdrom. (I thought I had it)

This is likely:

1.) Dead motherboard
2.) Loose heatsink
3.) Insufficient power
4.) Dead processor
5.) Corrupt RAM

I ordered these in likelihood, as motherboards are known to die if they're not provided with safe power. Heatsink is easily fixable with another heatsink or properly mounting the original (caused by shorting; anything metal touching a motherboard, frontside or back, is never good... excluding the mounts, of course). Power would regard enough wattage and voltage to get the computer to run, and if this is a manufacturer's build, I wouldn't mind this too much unless you got a new video card or something. Dead processors are rare, and are the result of power issues like surges caused by current. It's difficult to do, but RAM can get corrupted.