Hi, I just recently built a new computer and here are the specs

2 Gigs of DDR Ram
Geforce 7800GTX video card
2.0 AMD Athlong 64 Processor

My problem is, whenever I am playing high graphics games IE WoW, BF2, Battlefront 2, Starwars Galaxies, after a while of playing the computer just shuts off completely and says "no video" on the monitor. When I look in the computer the back and front fans seem to be on still but it looks like everything else shuts down. I sent it into a computer shop and they said it was the Video card, so I had the video card replaced and about a week later it started happening again (today). So something else inside the computer must be causing it to do this. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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The problem could be almost anywhere, especially considering the fact that the system is newly-built.

A few thoughts:

1. Please give us the exact make and model of the motherboard.

2. Recheck all of your connectors/cards/components; make sure everything is seated properly and firmly.

3. Remove 1 stick of RAM at a time and test-drive the system. If it only crashes when a particular memory module is installed, you might want to replace that module. You can also "stress-test" your RAM with the free memtest86 utility.

4. Thermal problem perhaps? Check the temp readings in your BIOS (if available), and make sure you have sufficient ventilation.

5. Obviously- if you've "overclocked" any settings, throttle them back down to their default settings.

could be the pc bios switching the motherboard off. Mine does that if it is overheating. The temperature could go so high that the chip fries.

Something else that could have hapened is that perhaps the sensor chip is broken. the temperature one.

Try getting a better cooland system, or keep the lid off for one time and see how it goes.


I had the same problem with Battlefield 2 but I updated the drivers and now it is fine. Also before I had white tree and bushes but now they're gone! (That's a relief)

Hope I'm some help.

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