Hiya. Sorry this is my first time posting here so if it is in the wrong section plz understand I'm posting here because of a monitor problem (yes, it is DEFINITLY a monitor problem) I got a new pc bout 6days ago and everything worked fine then at random times the monitor would go pitch black but the pc is still running and not freezing so I restarted the pc and when it came on again the monitor woul switch itself on and off the whole time and make a irritating clicking sound the the only way to get it to work properly again is plug it out and back in.....the same thing happened a fev times and now the monitor won't work again doesn't matter what I do, if I put it on (or even when it is supposed to be off) if it is plugged in it would do the on and off switching and make that clicking sound, so I tried to find the problem, easy....I plugged the monitor out of the pc and violla it still did the same so its not the pc, then I used another power cable with the monitor but the problem remains plz if someone can tell me what the problem is and how to fix it manually iv already spent a lot on the new pc and a new monitor is out of the question

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One presumes this is a CRT and not a flat panel display? If so, then take it to your local TV repair shop (if you can find one). If it is a CRT, then the symptoms sound like the flyback transformer has gone snafu. FWIW, in the USA you can pick up a decent LCD flat panel for well under $150 USD. Example, on buy.com you can get a 20" LCD monitor (various manufacturers such as Samsung or Acer) for $110 to $150, shipping included. I just did a price check on their web site, so these are current prices.

Try lowering the screen resolution by going on in Safe Mode. Some older monitors can't handle the larger resolutions.

Try plugging your monitor into another socket, the socket you are currently using may have some problem, if your monitor flickers also then its definitely the problem of the socket. Another possible problem could be with the electron gun of the CRT (i guess its a CRT). All the best.....I hope its the former

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