Hi all,

Another OwenBear question about older technology.

I've just been given a Gigabyte GA-K8vt800 socket 754 motherboard with loads of bits.
Seeing as this is better (I hope) than my P4 1.7 (socket 478) current set-up I'd like to try and optimize all the parts I've got.

So - to start...

Which is the best CPU?
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ or AMD Athlon 3400+.

Currently I've got the system working with 2GB of DDR400 RAM and the 2000Mhz 3000+ CPU.
This is the CPU that came fitted in the motherboard.
Will I see any gains if I install the 3400+ CPU?
The 3000+ is a 'Newcastle' chip with 512kb L2 cache.

I 'think' the 3400+ CPU has a 1024Kb L2 cache with a clock speed of 2200Mhz. But from what I can see on Google there are two versions of this CPU (as there is with the 3000+).

I better add I've never changed a CPU before so I'm a bit shy of trying it unless it's going to be worth it.

So would I see any appreciable difference if I fitted the 3400+ CPU.

Sorry if I'm not too clear on the info.

As usual any help is greatly appreciated.



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From your given info it seems like not much of a big difference except the L2 cache.
In my opinion, I wouldn`t make the change.

Wouldn't make a big change because it's about only 400Ghz, so in that case both of them are good. So it's worth to make that change only for a better one like a dual core of 3400.

OK, thanks for the info. I guess I'm not gonna bother changing these CPU's until I have a bit more experience!



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