I have a problem. My computer broke down and then I reinstalled Windows (XP). Since then my computer dosen't recognise my graphics card. It still works, but cannot display 3D anymore. Do I have to update the driver? I don't know, I tried it ,but I need to know the graphics card provider. I checked it in Direct X Diagnose ,but it was non-applicable (n/a)... If I need to update my graphics card driver, how can I do it without knowing the provider.

Please help me. :)

most computer have a make and model number ,is the computer a custom build or a brand name like Compaq/Dell Acer /HP ,if so check the case for model number

Look on the graphics card itself to try and get an idea of it or try and update the drivers through Windows

You can look under Hardware ID in your device manager and use the code to identify the make and chipset type.

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