i bought a new Western Digital 3TB HDD, i format with the WD format software that came with the drive. now it only shows 750GB. I have used the westerd Digital smartware and still only a 750GB, i have used windows disk manager. there are no other partition, or non without a drive letter. i have also used easeus partition manager and no hidden partitions. I have also used active @boot live CD still only the 750GB shows up. i am at a lost as to where the rest of the partitions. does any one know of another rogram that might be able to help me get back the rest ofthe drive.

my PC id runnig Windows 7 x32

i think there is a bios limit of 750 gig on older motherboards what is ou motherboards make and model # ou may need a bios update to fix it ,if the board maker has one

i see where you are going with this. but i have tried it on brand new laptop (3days old) still shows u as 750GB. let me also add that when i got the HDD it did show up as the right size. the problem started when i format with the WD software. I have used HP mini and my mobo is a ASUS thats about 3 years old.

did you format it windows disk management if not try it see if it changes.
if no ,take it back to retailer


I had trouble with one of my Seagate drives before returning it, they asked me to use a disk diagnosis tool. Try Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS from western digital (check it is compatible with your type of drive). The tool I used from seagate maybe similar; It reported the size of the disk, and allowed me to alter the maximum readable size, perhaps yours has been limited to 750GB.

- Let us know how it goes.

thanks to all who suggested step to take. However, the drive does not turn on now so i am going to return it.

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