Hi there,
I am attempting to setup 4 port USB hubs on several Compaq Evo D510EC desktops Running Win XP SP3.
Every time I leave the hub connected and boot the machine, the boot up is extremely delayed (as long as 10 mins or more) and it appears ths system is attempting to boot (or at least see ) from the USB hub.
I have went into BIOS and disabled USB booting but still have the same issues. Also when USB hub is connected and I go into BIOS the system is Incredibly slow.
Is there something that can be causing this to effect my bootup.
As far as I know the BIOS is original and has never been updated.

I can of course leave them disconnected until in windows and there is no problem once in windows systems run normally.
Any ideas of suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I must admit that I have a similiar problem.My pc will not complete boot if the External USB hard drive is connected.
I could not resolve the problem and I always disable (via a splitter)the device before boot up.
I find this a minor irritation when I occassionally forget.

That is an inconvenience, especially when there are 20 of them.

I hope somebody can come up with a solution.
I know I hate Compaq BIOS any way!!!

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