Hey I've posted in the past looking for a better AGP ATI card but I've got some funding now and want to make the switch to PCI-E.

So the question at heart is: Whats the best nVidia card out there? I remember sometime around november people where drooling over the 7800 (I think, not sure) which was the newest card out there. I know it was PCI-E x16 and cost around 790$, but I don't remember WHICH card it was exactly. If you could name it, I'd be greatful.

Also, what motherboard do you reccomend getting for this card? My current one dosn't support PCI-Ex16, so I'm looking for a new one. (I'll just transfer over my hard drive, RAM, processor, and the like.) I know it has to be socket 754, AMD64 capatable.

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you will get better performance for gaming, and you will be much more open for future upgrades with minimal costs.

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