Hi there, I have a dell xps 17 (L702X) with 4gb RAM (2 sticks of 2gb each) and I want to add an extra 8GB (another 2 sticks of 4gb each) so to get to 12GB. Now, the laptop allegedly has 4 slots and at the moment only 2 are taken. I don't know much about hardware and about DIMM A,B, C and D, but the problem I am having is that I can only see 2 slots with 2 pairs of securing clips and both of them are already taken by the current sticks. Just below these two slots there is some space as to accomodate more memory but the slots are different and I tried to insert the memory modules I have already but it doesn't get in because the memory-module connector seems to have a slightly different shape (in that it doesnt have a pin.) Does it mean that the modules I need to buy are different from the ones I already have?
I went onto the crucial website and scanned my system to make sure that I had 4 slots and here's the report generated http://www.crucial.com/uk/systemscanner/viewscanbyid.aspx?id=356ECF4831D926C3&click=true, so judging from it I do have 4 slots but it looks like I have only two or at least, if they are 4, they have different memory-module connectors.
ANy idea please?

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Contact Dell tech support and ask them. They have an online chat with tech support and generally can answer questions like this quite easily. If the slots take different kinds of RAM sticks, they can tell you what the specs are.

Hi rubberman, done that already, it was actually the first thing I did before posting here, sorry I should have mentioned it, the guy had no idea, he said that from the spect it has 4 slots but it really looks like it has 2...

Hi caperjack, I had a look at the manual as well but no joy to be honest. I thought about the slot being on the other side but the stick doesn't fit in there. ANyway, I managed to speak to dell again, the guys asked me to take some pictures and email them to him. I have attached some of them:
1)memory_module_disconnected.jpg: it's one of the 2 memory modules I currently have;
2)memory_module_details.JPG the memory-module connector's details (I have removed the memory module from it to show the details): it is the only connector with a small pin that fits the hole in the memory module, so that's the only slot I can insert the ram (that's the slot where the RAM stick is currently inserted)
3)clips.jpg. the clips: if I have more than a slot shouldn't I have 2 pairs of clips and not one ?

to me it looks like they make it for 4 but only put 2 in some models .i think for you to get to 8 gig you would have to use 2x4gig ram chips .

off topic i enjoyed the photos in the link in your signature ,my nephew is a photographer and quite good if i don't say so myself .lol
check his site in my signature ,just added it .

Hi caperjack, thanks for that, if that's the case maybe I can get DELL to replace my machine with another one with 4 real slots then, because the guy on the phone said that my lappy should have 4 and not 2. Also, it can take up to 16GB of RAM, but I haven't seen the 8gb sticks anywhere, only up to 4GB. I will see what he says tomorrow when he calls back

I am having a look at the site, the pictures are amazing, landscapes and wildlife, and i like the website too : - )

that's the way the picture look to me anyway ,i cant find much of anything constructive on the web about the laptops ram .

thanks for the nice comments on his pictures ,it is a nice site and the pictures he sometimes waits in the cold for hrs just for the right moment

I just thought to finish this post off by saying that I did then talk again with dell, to discover that the technician don't know anything themselves...it turned out after a bit of investigation that my lappy gets only 8gb and not 16...

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