I have bought a lot of desktops and was looking around different sites for some of the computers. I came across http://www.andovercg.com/datasheets/dell-dimension-2400-series.pdfand it has a picture (on page 51) and shows the ram slots but says DDR / DDR2, as if it were backward compatible? I know the 2 are not suppose to be in any way compatible or are there some types that are (this doesn't make sense to me as the voltage spike). Or is this an error?

The ram that was in it is a kt3g830-sa (512MB 168p PC133). But honestly I have not even tried to boot the computer as most in the lot have not been yet. But I was just curious about this.


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hi, the ddr1 and ddr2 must be a typo ,as on page 70 in your link it states it takes sdram.
Maximum memory 2gig
Memory type PC2100 (266-MHz) or PC2700 (333-MHz) DDR-SDRAM (non-ECC)
and from my experience with Dells is will take nuthing faster that noted, like ddr-sdram 400.

all about ram types .

Ok, thanks for the reply. I did not notice / look at the specific specs. Amd thanks for the note as well.

your welcome,

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