I have had this problem ever since I bought my PC a few months ago. When playing games like Battlefield 2, World of Warcraft etc, my computer will randomly freeze, and my monitor displays a 'No Signal' message. It has also been known to display an 'Out of Range' message.

I have no idea why this happens, although I have a feeling that it is my graphics card. I am using an AGP Radeon 9800 pro. I have tried it with other monitors and the problem still occurs. I have the latest Catalyst 5.8 drivers, and I have updated the drivers since Catalyst 5.5 - The problem still happens with each version. I have also opened up my PC, and the fan on the card is working.

I was thinking of buying a new graphics card, but want to be sure that this will solve the problem before I shell out £200.

Has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

hi ellsy, did u find any solution to your problem? I too have the same type of problem with my system, tft loses signal but this only happens in a couple of games.


i have the same problem i looked on the internet for solutions and people have the same problems as us with the same graphics card. im getting a new graphics card to solve the problem.

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