I've noticed this is a common thing for people and well it really annoys the **** out of me.

Basically I can be playing a game for 10-15mins and my computer will freeze. Can't Crtl-Alt-Del, can't ALT-F4 basically the reset switch is the only option.

AMD Athlon 2600+
Gigabyte 7VAXP mobo
2 x 512 mb Kingmax PC 3200 DDR RAM
Asus 128mb AGP-V9280 Ti4200
Seagate Barracuda 40gig 7200rpm HDD
Leadtek TV2000 XP Deluxe TV Capture Card
Liteon 52x52x24 CDRW
Pioneer 16x Slot DVD
Thermaltake Volcano 7+ CPU Cooler

Been having problems since I bought it about 5months ago so purchased the Volcano 7+ to cool the CPU a bit more got two big blow off fans in the back and two smaller intake fans in the front.

Thanks for any help.

wow I would kill for a pc like yours mine is

AMD 64-bit 3200+
Radeon 9600XT
256 PC4000 x 2
gigabyte nforce 3 mobo
and 250GB hard drive

well that happened to me while playing half-life on my emachines but it only happened once or twice, it could be your directx try reinstalling it and updating your video drivers,if that doesnt work reinstall the game to a different directory (helped me out)

BTW whats a tv capture card can I watch cable tv (optimum) through my computer montior with one?

sounds like a DX issue update your computer with the standard windows updates make sure you have Direct X 9.0b and the latest drivers for your videocard

thank you for repeating everything I just said

I might've missed it, gymbo, but what video card are you using? Ahh, nevermind, an Nvidida Geforce 4 Ti? Are you using the absolute latest drivers? They're not called Detonators anymore - I forget what they're called now, the 5x.xx series.

I sued to have a similar problem. After posting on many forums with no successful answer I took the thing to pieces & found out that the fan on my Geforce 2 wasn't turning thus overheating.

I got a Voodoo 5 off Ebay (for some reason!?!?) & it sorted out the problem. Maybe try a different GFX card?


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