I have Gateway 7215GX. It was working fine until yesterday when it sudenly died. It was all night on standby and in the morning it would not wake up or anything so I restarted it by removing the battery. Now when I press the power button it just lights and thats it. Nothing. I don't know what to do now. Any ideas?
Thank you.

It's possible that it just needs to be fully reset. Take the battery out and unplug the power adapter. Let the laptop sit like this for a few minutes. Connect just the power adapter and try to run the computer. If that doesn't work, disconnect the power adapter, insert the battery, and try to start it up again. If that doesn't work either, we'll have to look at other possibilities.

i tried everything. don't know what to do... :sad:

Did you try what I recommended?

If you let the machine run, do you hear the harddrive being accessed? Do you hear the Windows startup sound if you give it enough time and the speakers are on?

i tried what you recommended. there is some noise at the begining. maybe from the hdd or from the dvd. but after that it stops and nothing. windows is not starting. i tried with externel monitor and still the same...

I am having the same issues with my Gateway notebook...what was the outcome?

Next step would be to start with the hardware. Pulling memory/switching memory slots/changing memory(if you had some compatible memory available). Reseating the CPU can sometimes help these issues. Pulling optical drive/floppy drive/modem/wireless. Only use AC power, keep the battery pulled. Keep in mind the only things you need for a computer to run is the power - CPU - motherboard - and memory. If you get down to those and it is still not displaying external video(pull the LCD video cable too) it maybe the motherboard. Switch the CPU out if you have another available but I have rarely seen bad CPUs, other than the occasional AMD that burned up.

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