ok. i love computer games but my intel R enbedded graphics card just wouldn't do for the next generation of games. so i decided to buy an ATI Radeon 9250. i got the card and placed it in a PCI slot, connected my VGA cable and installed the drivers etc from the cd. after all the installations i had to reboot. after the reboot i see the windows xp loading screen and suddenly my screen goes into standby. no matter what i do i couldn't get it out. i plugged out the vga cable and back into my intel R card and that just showed my desktop. can anyone help me with this problem? i've read several solutions like disabling the enbedded card or rebooting in safe mode but i don't know what's the best for me.
i've got a pentium 4 3.00GHZ 800Mhz FSB. 502 MB RAM. phoenix BIOS and an 19" lcd screen.

Hmm, are you sure that a PCI card? Why don't you try to start the pc without the Video card .. and instal it with the cd then put it in and restart.

Also the 9250 won't cut it for next generation games. You need a 9800 pro to play The Elderscrolls Oblivion on LOW LOW graphics.