I just recently bought my laptop its

Compaq V2305CA
Mobile AMD Sempron
Processer 3000+
1.79GHZ 512 Shared (498) left

See i have 60GB of hard driver but now i have 30.1 GB
left but see the thing is

The driver space is 60.00GB
= 57.28GB
= 47.34GB

Total 47.34 Left

See now the thing is that my laptop say i have 30.01GB left but according to my calculations it add up to be 47.34GB so
(47.34-30.01)=17.33GB. So were the 17.33GB go, it cant just disappear

So if any one would know anything my hard drivers or anything about
how to fix my computer or sloving my problems i would be so happy

Thank You.


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First of all, welcome to Dani Web. If you post your thread in an appropriate forum, you will have more readers which means better responses, as for your question...your hdd retains a small amout for a buffer zone.

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