Hi there, I was wondering if you can give me an advice at all. I need to get a HDMI cable to connect my laptop to my LED tv, mainly to watch movies. Now, I don't know much about hdmi cables so I wonder if there is anything you can suggest to help me decide which cable is the best for my situation.
My tv is already connected to my router with a normal ethernet cable.
The HDMI cables seem to range from £8.00 to £80.00 and from what I understand the most expensive are HDMI/ethernet which I probably don't need. So, any suggestion at all?

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Unless you plan on using some sort of device to measure the difference between the output of the £8.00 to £80.00 cable, I would stick with the less expensive one. I dont think you will be able to visially see the difference. The difference in cost may be more copper in the cable, or a better grade of copper if that exists, but most of the price difference is probably is marketting....just from my own experience.

Thanks, so I will go on and buy it. I assume the two ends are the same, for the computer and the tv

There are male and female connectors in HDMI so take a look at the computer and the back of your TV just to make 100% you get the correct cable. Also, take a look around the house, as alot of equipment DVD players, TVs, etc.. come with HDMI cables in the box. If you are like others like myself, you may have a box laying around in a closet of garage with a bunch of left over cables.

thanks will do!

I always buy mine from cabletrain.com. The more expensive cables are not any better than the cheapest cables. If the cable works, then it performs as good as any since it is digital.

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