Although my PC detects my disc drives and can play from them when I try to write to the RW drive I get a message "No disc detected". I am using Roxio Creator LE Dell Edition.

I have cleaned the laser carefully using methylated spirits and a surgically clean cotton bud.

The Dell drive is the oringinal circa 2006. I might just as well have binned the crive and bought a new one rather than bother to clean it. But is something that I could do to check the drive before scapping it?



If its a software/Windows problem, sometimes, these quarky issues can be resolved by uninstalling the faulty device from device manager, letting the OS find the device again. Another method to determine if its a software problem is to take this drive and plug it into another computer and see if it works.

If its a hardware problem, my experience is when this sort of thing happends to those drives, its usually more cost effective (when considering effort and time) to get a new updated, drive.

Before you toss it, if you have another PC, and some time, I would give it a last check to see if you can get it to work in another system. After that, I wouldnt spend too much time if I was unable to resolve it.

I used to use Roxio a LONG time ago. I long since switched to Alcohol 120% for Windows disc ripping and writing. It has been 100% more reliable than Roxio's cruft. Here is a link: http://www.alcohol-soft.com/

Thanks ITG-JM

I'll try your suggestions.

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