Hi I recently bought a new dual core amd computer and it worked perfectly. The temps never exceded the 40's(celsius) and I generally had no problems.

Now, after about two and a half months, it has started to randomly power down(no "windows is shutting down" just power off). Everything still works fine and it happens whether under stress or not.

I have scanned for viruses(nod32), system restored, updated my bios and tried everything I could to fix it but it still randomly powers off. Before this problem arose, I hadn't installed anything new or changed any settings so I dont really know what is wrong.

1 day it worked fine and then the next it was powering off every 1-2 hours or so. :sad:

I use:
windows xp pro sp2
AMD 64 dual core 4200
MSI 7800GT
1GB ram
MSI motherboard
250GB hd

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do you have a ups backup on it?.....my computer at home randomly started going off......and I figured out the ups i had on it had a bad battery....when it was doing it's weekly test my computer lost power....

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