When I built my PC, and had everything hooked up, I tried to use both my optical drives and got a BSOD talking about a Machine Check Exception. Disconnecting one of the drives solved this. I looked around and discovered it is because my power supply is too small. However, checking
http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/ and getting a result of under 300W, while I have a 400W supply has left me some questions. What would you all reccomend for having a Radion 9600, 2 512 SDRAM, 1 HDD, A CD/DVD drive, a CDRW drive, a 56k Modem, A drive, 2 USB 2.0, and an DFI Mobo?

Or was I wrong and this issue not be because of the power supply?

A 400W should be plenty for that, I have about the same on my computer, and I run a 300W fine, but my PS probaly will not last as long.

Hmm...what could cause this issue then? A bios setting? (I admit, I don't know much about messing with BIOS)

The drives must be incorrectly configured, and it's probably because of incorrect jumper settings.

Ensure that the drive set as 'Master' is attached to the end cable connector, and the drive set as 'slave' is attached to the middle cable connector. Avoid using the 'Cable select' jumper setting.

On closer look, I found it was indeed the jumpers...Originally I had intended my DVD drive ontop, as master, and CDRW on bottom as slave, but I mixed the drives around accidentally and thats what lead me off.

Thanks for the help!

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