I have...

1 80mm intake fan on the rear of the case

1 fan blowing out on the side

1 120mm fan in front

1 pci slot blow fan underneath my AGP card
(not counting the fan on the VGA card, PSU fan, and the CPU/heatsink fan)

however there is still room on top of the case for one more fan.

Should I even bother putting one there, I pretty much said goodbye to a completely quiet system.

sounds like a 747 about to take off every time I turn it on. :eek:

What advantages (if any) does having a fan on top of the case have?

it seems like that many fans is overkill, without the top fan even. You could probably get by with one external fan to cut down on noise. I dont know of any advanages to having a top fan. But I dont know see what other people say :)

TO tell you the truth all of those fans are more than enough, then only good thing I could see about putting another fan on top is. Since hot air rises, it was exhaust it through the top.

HAh! I've got fans, man!

1x92mm Vantec Tornado on my processor, pushing 100 CFM directly onto the processor,
2x92mm Tornados on the side.

If I don't have the case side screwed on right, the case side blows right off!


I am thankful for my laptop, with just one fan that every once in a while turns on.

The server has 4 large 3" fans for the case, and a set of CPU fans. They are thermo-statically controlled, so that they only go faster as they are needed. Sometimes, they don't even run.

I think that it is neat that the latest G5 chips on the Macs are equiped with water cooling. Nice and quiet. Way to go. Radiator. You Intel guys should be able to heat your room with such a device.

Just be sure to keep in mind that your fans always blow a particular direction. Having fans blowing ---> and others blowing <---- make an air-collison that does little for cooling.

And you can get obnoxious with fans... Apple had one of their G4 models nicknamed "windtunnel" by the users due to sound.


I recommend getting rid of the PCI slot fan unless your graphics card gets dangerously hot without it. (which is doubtful because your system looks like it has planty of cooling) PCI lot fans actually do very little for cooling the case and add a ton of noise! All for a slightly cooler video card.

well you can go for the top fan(exhaust), and remove your pci blower
happy new year!

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