This is very URGENT! Please, I'm a student and I have some very important papers in my computer that I have to turn in. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND PATIENCE.

It has been a problem that I've been delaying to deal with. Often times I cannot turn on my computer after a shutdown, but after I wait a while, I can usually get it to start up. Sometimes my computer would take me to the BIOS settings and point out to me that my CPU Frequency is not set correctly and that it's overheating. I have tried looking for what the correct frequency is but I never got to really find out about it. This morning when I tried to turn on my computer, it wouldn't turn on. It goes sorta like this:

POWER ON - FANS SPIN, working properly - AND THEN YOU HEAR CLICK CLICK (the clicking sound you hear when you restart your computer), AND THE COMPUTER SEEMS TO BE RESTARTING AGAIN AND AGAIN, ALL THIS TIME THE MONITOR WOULD NOT TURN ON. I dunno what the problem is. Some people say it's bad ram, so I tried taking out my ram sticks, and i tried unplugging my harddrives and cd drives, it's not those, i think it is the CPU itself that is failing to start.

I've searched several forums, but I cannot locate anyone with the same problems as me, but I find some dicussions about "jumpers" and "clock speed" that look sort of like mine but it's not completely similar. i dunno what they are, i'm jus giving you clues. My friend put together this computer for me, but i don't think he has set the BIOS settings correctly to match my hardware, so I have been experiencing problems like this quite often. I can leave my computer on and it wouldn't go to a blue screen, but if i try to download something and i leave it on overnight, next morning i find it blue saying something about NTFS.sys....but that's not the problem right now, again, i'm jus giving u clues...please tell me if there's anything i can do to the cpu or anything to get it to turn back on, i have a very important paper that i need to turn in to my class. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND PATIENCE. i'm crying for help..really.


I don't know what's up with your computer, but that's not important.

The important thing is you get your paper in, right? My only suggestion is to take out your hard drive and put it in another computer, such as your friends:

1) Unplug your computer and open it up.
2) Disconnect all the wires from the hard drive and take it out.
3) Printed on the hard drive (or on a label) you should see something about slave, master, etc. Switch the jumper from Master to Slave.
4) Get to another computer and plug the drive in using the spare connector on the wire that leads to the existing hard drive. Fire up the computer and your disk (should) be recognised.
5) Get all of your files, then take the hard drive back out, switch the jumper to Master, and put it back in your old computer.

Now you'll have your files, but you'll still have a broken computer. It sounds to me like your CPU has overheated.

Hope that helps,

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