I have just upgraded my G4 dual processor 1.25 to 10.3.4. I am also using Protools 6.4. I have 2 gigs of Ram. Now my second scsi hard drive is not recongized. :sad: When I placed back in old machine (G4 400, OS 9) It is still not recongized. Please help. There are very important music files on hard drive.

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Does the OS try to format the disk? If so, it is being recognized as a device, but not the internals. What does System Profiler have to say about the device?

OS 9 should recognize it, unless you used something besides HFS or HFS+ to format the device. It is possible that your upgrade caused a problem.

You can also try disk tools in OS X to look at the volume. Is the drive seen in there? DO NOT use NORTON under OS 9 to help with this.


This is one of two drives on an ATTO dual SCSI card. One of the drives is recognized and the other isn't. The one that is recognized works in both raid bays and the one that isn't recognized works in neither. The OS does try to format the disk when the machine is booted up. The disk is formated HSF+. It is showing up in disk tool utility as a greyed-out, mystery disk. It seems likely that either the OS upgrade or the ATTO driver upgrade scrambled the indexing on the drive.

Is the Atto ExpressPro-Tools program the utility you're using? If not, run that Atto utility and see what it reports about the drive.

In terms of the driver update, which exact driver did you use, and what is the model of Atto card?

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