Well i have some logitech x-530 speakers and im having a few issues. My first one was with my front left speaker when it stopped working but after a day it just seemed to get itself sorted out and started working again but now my front forward speaker and both my rear speakers aren't working for the past 3 or 4 days or so.

I've plugged/un-plugged everything, sniffed out every sound panel on my copmuter to make sure its set to 5.1 and yet not a single thing has changed.

Any help would be really appreciated no matter how small it is.

Thanks up front.

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have you checked signal to each of the speakers ... ie. can you take a speaker thats working and plug it in where a non-working speaker is to see if you get sound thataway?

I know surround sound speakers are all collected and plugged into the woofer, in most models. It's the woofer, no doubt. Had that the issue behind my Creative 2.1, and those were excellent while the left port functioned.

This is distinctly hardware-caused. It would require a repair shop's doing.

I had similar problems with my logitech x-530 speakers. My front left speaker channel was not working. First make sure theirs not a problem with the speakers themselves by identifying which channels do work and plugging some of the silent speakers in to those channels. For example say your front right and left speakers don't work but your rear speakers do. Swap the jack in the back of your computer or at the sub woofer for the front and rear speakers. If your front speakers are now working but your rear is now silent then the speakers are likely fine and the problem is in your computer.

The problem I ended up having was I got a way too cheaply made computer case ($26.00 doesn't by you much I guess...). Well actually most of the case is just fine but my front audio jack wiring I think is screwed up. Anyway, my front left speaker would cut out, work again, and cut out at seemlingly random times. I'd turn the speakers way up and it would work again, come back later, and it's not working. Finally narrowed it down to the case wiring when I observed that the speaker would cut in and cut out just by flicking the headphone jack in the front of the case.

i know this thread is way old, but, it's worth a try.

i have a set of z640 speakers that i bought for a cheap price.
i cant get the center or the 2 front speakers to work.
the rears work and the sub works.

i've tested the front speakers and they work fine.

now i just put the rear speakers to the front channels on the sub and i get nothing. still no center channel either.

i've set my onboard audio to 5.1 and the drivers are updated.

i'm using an a780gm-a black series mobo.
the mobo supports up to 8 channels of audio. so i know it supports 5.1 surround sound for sure.

any help would be amazing

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