The problem with the 1 gig scan disk memory stick is very real and needs to be solved by the factory. the psp and any other reader will not read the card after it has been corrupted.
I have had this problem and tried to reformat the card in every way possible. Nothing works. you cannot delete anything off the stick because once your stick is corrupted everything on your card cannot be changed thru your any other device. Whatever you try to do it will say "failed" delete failed, format failed, save failed.

I tried helping a few people with this problem and went thru all the steps and more. If anyone has anything more creative. Please help me.

Well, if you boot up into a linux OS and get the right drivers, you can format the san-disk.
I have an article on here about formatting a back-track os onto a flash drive, you can pretty much do the same for your san-disk and it will work.
The article is here if you want to read the full thing:

However I'll post the instructions down here if you need it,

From a terminal session:

fdisk /dev/sdb     (##Or the device letter of your flash drive)

Then from another terminal session, or from the same after you format the drive partition:

mkfs.vfat -F 32 -n 'diskname' /dev/sdb1

Then you should have a fresh new san-disk ready to be used, keep in mind that you won't have any data on it, and I'm sure you can't exactly recover that stuff anyways.

Though, if you want to try it... you could do a chkdisk on the drive when you are in a terminal session, that might work, though, I've never done it, so I can't say for sure, nothing to lose though.

So, Try this command if you're adventureous:

fsck /dev/sdb1

Maybe it will work, maybe it won't, I don't know.

But in anycase, I hope that any part of this helped you, it should. :3

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